Exoy is a privately owned company established in Switzerland, April 2009.

Exoy concentrates on trading commodities, mainly crude oil, refined oil products and provide the ships and facilities to store and transport them. While some regard terminals as a passive storage resource, Exoy sees them as an active part of their trading capability and therefore currently holds long-term lease agreements with third party oil storages, located in the Middle East and several Russian oil ports in the black and Baltic Sea region. Further investments in this field will be done in the future.

Due to highly professional personnel and experienced and well known joint venture partners, Exoy primarily will work the spot market where of course strong hedging know how is essential and full support will be provided by our reputable banks.

Exoy only works with internationally recognized banks with in-depth knowledge in the energy and commodity-trading sector.

With headquarters in Hergiswil, Switzerland and further operating offices in Germany / Mannheim and Russia / Novorossiysk, Exoy plans to open up additional hubs in the Far East / Asia (Singapore, Malaysia), in order to take the initiative in spotting new opportunities and to fulfil our customer’s demands and supporting them on the local market.


Central Asia & Russia

Africa & The Middle East

Asia Pacific

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